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What Exactly Is a Mobile Massage Service?


Mobile massage is when a therapist travels to their clients, instead of them coming to their place of business. This also applies to therapy offered in a hotel or resort that is carried out in a hotel room. One thing which is important for mobile therapy is having all the equipment but in mobile form.


Which includes a massage table that can be folded away easily. It is important also for a therapist to travel with various different products which are used in a session ranging from creams, oils, towels, sheets, and any other products which are deemed necessary during a session.


Another thing which could be needed is a massage chair. These are sometimes used in place of a table, for clients that prefer for reasons that are either personal or for physical comfort, not to lie down for their therapy. This type of chair will allow a person to lean slightly forward and place their face into a doughnut, similar to one which is found on the end of a massage table, it will allow the therapist to work their back and shoulder muscles. This type of chair can be folded up and brought along just in case a client asks for it.


One of the reasons behind mobile therapy is some people prefer to experience their therapy in the comfort of their own home, or they are suffering from mobility issues which makes it impossible for them to visit a spa or a masseuse’s office. Plus, some people prefer this as another form of relaxation. For instance, a group of friends that are enjoying their day off, could hire a mobile therapist to come to their homes, and give each one a chair or table massage.


So if you live in Port Charlotte, FL and are in too much pain to come and see our therapist, call me. Call A Helping Hand at (941) 380-8281 today.

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