Over the past 20 years, Dave at A Helping Hand has helped hundreds if not thousands to overcome the build up stress and relieve the accumulated pain. Any feedback is more than welcome:

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by Fred on A Helping Hand

Dave worked me in as his 5th massage of the day in the late afternoon! Where does that energy come from? I need deep tissue work and Dave asked to me to locate the painful area in my lower back. Then he Got Right DOWN TO IT. Of course he found and worked on all the other knots & cables that contributed to to the pain as well. And Dave payed comprehensive holistic attention to my entire frame.
Fee was reasonable and worth every penny. He is now my "Go to Guy" for massage therapy. Highly recommend! Dave is truly interested in the clients health & well being. Most solid massage I've ever had; a bit sore the next day (to be expected) and well on the road to recovery. Thank You Dave!

by John on A Helping Hand

Dave came highly recommended by a friend, and it was the best call I ever made. Dave is very skilled at his craft, especially the deep tissue massage. He comes to your home, and is very professional and knowledgeable. Whether you need intense therapy or if you just want a relaxing massage, you will not be disappointed.

by Linda Dionne on A Helping Hand
A Helping Hand

Simply put Dave Mowry is the best massage therapist I have ever encountered!I have been a client of his for nearly six months receiving weekly sessions that relieve the pain, aches and knots in my body thereby making an enormous and positive difference in my life.A consummate professional at all times, I deeply appreciate Dave’s unquestionable integrity, his massage skills and his expertise with deep tissue and fascia massage. I feel comfortable, cared for and safe on his table. He is thorough, sensitive, and very effective.

by Lisa Ferrara on A Helping Hand
Help is here.

Dave is the best LMT. His massages have helped rid by body of a series of complaints from sciatica, muscle aches, and tendinitis. Dave is a consummate professional who takes great pride in his work. It is a guarantee that you will feel better when you get off the table after one of his massages.

by Camille Warner on A Helping Hand

Dave is wonderful, not only did he come to my place but he also brought this special massage table with him. Not to mention that he is so good at what he does and he really cares for his customers.

by Jen Jackson on A Helping Hand

Dave is a great person and a wonderful LMT!! We had him visit our support group meeting for caregivers of children with Special Needs and he gave the Moms chair massages (it was a special gift for Mother's Day). He was professional and caring all the way. All of the Moms really enjoyed his massage and felt very relaxed after he finished. Thank you so much, Dave!!!

by Holli Doane on A Helping Hand

I put off calling because I'm not used to having someone come to my house (thought it would be awkward) but just one time with dave and you're fine. He's very nice and professional and knows what he's doing. I have issues with my neck and back so I need therapeutic massages and he is great. If you want a massage that will really make a difference you need to call dave. I'm so glad I made that call.

by Emily on A Helping Hand

Dave has been my massage therapist for about four years now and has become so much more than someone who keeps my body running. I am very proud to call him my friend. He is truly a kindhearted person who goes the extra mile for people with no expectation of receiving something in return. In addition to being an extremely skilled and experienced massage therapist, he is trustworthy and a person of integrity. I would recommend him to any of my friends and family. Thanks to his massages I do not suffer from the pain of my scoliosis and systemic lupus on a daily basis anymore. If you are looking for more than just a fluff and buff Dave and the guy for the job!

by Dani Himes on A Helping Hand

I suffer from severe chronic fibromyalgia. I have been using Dave for more than six years and he is the only one who gives any relief to my severe pain. I have spent thousands of wasted dollars on physical therapy which never rendered results. Dave is a great professional who works closely with patients to help them improve and achieve a better quality of life.

by Danushka on A Helping Hand

My annual trip to Punta Gorda visiting my friend Diane starts and ends with Dave's massage. I have massages on a regular basis and David's is by far the best.
Do not miss on this truly amazing experience. Cannot wait to go back next year.
Thank You Dave very much.

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