Find out More about Dave’s Sport Massage Service

 A Helping Hand is a company solely owned by a professional massage therapist Dave Mowry. He established the company in Port Charlotte, FL back in 1993 and ever since then, he has been helping the locals recover from injuries, be healthy, more relaxed, and happy. He is mobile, which is very convenient, especially for people who don’t have a lot of time or are badly injured. Below, you can find more information about the sport massage service he offers and how it can help you recover.

 One of the most common setbacks for all athletes is muscle soreness, which is also known as DOMS. This refers to pain in the muscles which usually develops several hours after the exercise. Studies have shown that in such cases, turning to a massage service provider is a great idea. A massage therapist can reduce the pain and the consequences by using special techniques that will help the muscle repair quicker. Since heavily exercised muscles lose their capacity to relax, a massage may be very much needed.

 If you live in the Port Charlotte, FL area or happen to be in town and need a nice, relaxing sport massage, you should call Dave. He will come to your aid, no matter where in the area you are. He will use special techniques that will help sooth your muscles, repair, relax, and reduce the pain. He will also create a great atmosphere and is also really friendly, which will help you unwind and feel better both physically and mentally. After he is done with the massage, the pain you are feeling or the discomfort will be a lot less and your spirits will be lifted.

 So whenever you are looking for a massage service that will help you recover from an injury or reduce the muscle ache, you should turn to A Helping Hand. Dave is always ready and eager to help the locals and expects all your calls at (941) 380-8281!

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