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What Exactly Is a Mobile Massage Service?


Mobile massage is when a therapist travels to their clients, instead of them coming to their place of business. This also applies to therapy offered in a hotel or resort that is carried out in a hotel room. One thing which is important for mobile therapy is having all the equipment but in mobile form.


Which includes a massage table that can be folded away easily. It is important also for a therapist to travel with various different products which are used in a session ranging from creams, oils, towels, sheets, and any other products which are deemed necessary during a session.


Another thing which could be needed is a massage chair. These are sometimes used in place of a table, for clients that prefer for reasons that are either personal or for physical comfort, not to lie down for their therapy. This type of chair will allow a person to lean slightly forward and place their face into a doughnut, similar to one which is found on the end of a massage table, it will allow the therapist to work their back and shoulder muscles. This type of chair can be folded up and brought along just in case a client asks for it.


One of the reasons behind mobile therapy is some people prefer to experience their therapy in the comfort of their own home, or they are suffering from mobility issues which makes it impossible for them to visit a spa or a masseuse’s office. Plus, some people prefer this as another form of relaxation. For instance, a group of friends that are enjoying their day off, could hire a mobile therapist to come to their homes, and give each one a chair or table massage.


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What You Should Do Before and After a Massage

How to Make the Most out of Your Massage


Are you planning a relaxing procedure in the near future? You want to relax both your body and your mind? You can easily achieve this with a massage therapy! But still, there are some things you can do in order to make your session even more enjoyable! Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of your therapy!


Eat light

You should always eat light before and after your massage therapy. Usually, during your session you will have to lay on your stomach. If you had a big or heavy meal beforehand, you may feel uncomfortable, while you are getting your massage. Have a light meal or a snack an hour or two before your therapy. Keep it healthy during the rest of the day, so your body can release all the toxins without being occupied with digesting a heavy dinner too.


Drink lots of fluids

As we already mentioned, your body releases lots of toxins after the therapy. This is why you should drink lots of water, tea, or fresh juices for the 24 hours after your massage. Having lots of fluids will help your body flush out all the toxins faster. Just make sure to skip the alcoholic or unhealthy drinks and stick to natural herb teas and fresh water.


Skip the moisturizer

Most massage therapies usually include some kind of an oil treatment. Whether it is going to be an essential oil, aromatherapy oil, or even massage wax, you will feel the benefit of it much better, if you skip your regular body moisturizer. The reason is, if you have already applied your own cream, your skin may not absorb the massage oil later on. If you are not sure if your therapist is going to use an oil, you can always call and ask before your session.
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Learn More About the Therapeutic Massage

What Is a Therapeutic Massage and Why You Will Love It


Looking for a relaxing massage therapy that will benefit your physical condition? Why not try a therapeutic massage? Here we will share with you the benefits of this therapy and why you will love it!


What is a therapeutic massage?

This kind of massage will help you relax and unwind, however, this actually isn’t its main purpose. The main goal of the therapeutic massage is to help your body heal faster and boost your immune system. It provides therapeutic benefits to the body and this is why it is often used in larger treatment plans for helping the natural healing powers. Each massage is customized to the personal preferences and needs of the client, so it can help with your current condition and improve it over time.


Who can benefit from this therapy?

Everyone, no matter their age, can benefit from this therapy. It is completely safe and customized to one’s needs, so even expecting mothers or people with disabilities can benefit from it.


How does it help?

This massage helps with lots of conditions or symptoms in the body. If you are healing from a trauma or you are experiencing pain somewhere in your body, you can boost your natural healing processes with this therapy. It also helps you to relax both your body and your mind, releasing any stress or pain away. The therapy increases the blood flow, which promotes toxins release. It is important to always drink lots of liquids to help your body release the toxins away. The therapy also helps with your range of motion, so if you are experiencing stiffness, you will be able to move your body free from pain again.


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Achieving Holistic Cure

Benefits of Working with a Therapeutic Massage Therapist


Therapeutic massage is a general term for a massage that will relieve pain, reduce anxiety and tension, and work on a specific bodily problems like limited range of motion in your arm. A therapeutic massage therapist is well-versed in the massage techniques to improve your body’s condition.


Sports, deep tissue, neuromuscular, and myofascial massage are all types of therapeutic massages. The goal of this therapy is to relieve the client from chronic pain. The technique done will be based on the symptoms or pain that you feel. For example, if you have nagging shoulder pain, the therapy or the massage will be focused on releasing the tension and muscle spasm in that particular area of your body.


Working with a therapeutic massage therapist is great for those who are recovering from injury. This could be part of their physical therapy program. It is done to really help the muscles recover from injury or strain. Regular massages can improve muscle tone, remove toxins and metabolic waste, and increase the flexibility of the joints and muscles.


Anyone can benefit from a therapeutic massage. It doesn’t necessarily have to be only for those recovering from an injury. Regular massages after vigorous exercise is also a way for the muscle to recover from overwork. It can help prevent injuries. This type of massage also has the same benefits as regular massages, like inducing relaxation and releasing muscle tension. Massage therapy is beneficial for all types of general wellness programs.


When you need the services of a therapeutic massage therapist, call A Helping Hand. I am Dave Mowry, and I am an experienced and licensed massage therapist serving customers in the Port Charlotte, FL area. Since 1993, I have been providing my valued customers with my healing touch. For more information on my services or to make your appointments, please call (941) 380-8281.

Find out More about Dave’s Sport Massage Service

 A Helping Hand is a company solely owned by a professional massage therapist Dave Mowry. He established the company in Port Charlotte, FL back in 1993 and ever since then, he has been helping the locals recover from injuries, be healthy, more relaxed, and happy. He is mobile, which is very convenient, especially for people who don’t have a lot of time or are badly injured. Below, you can find more information about the sport massage service he offers and how it can help you recover.

 One of the most common setbacks for all athletes is muscle soreness, which is also known as DOMS. This refers to pain in the muscles which usually develops several hours after the exercise. Studies have shown that in such cases, turning to a massage service provider is a great idea. A massage therapist can reduce the pain and the consequences by using special techniques that will help the muscle repair quicker. Since heavily exercised muscles lose their capacity to relax, a massage may be very much needed.

 If you live in the Port Charlotte, FL area or happen to be in town and need a nice, relaxing sport massage, you should call Dave. He will come to your aid, no matter where in the area you are. He will use special techniques that will help sooth your muscles, repair, relax, and reduce the pain. He will also create a great atmosphere and is also really friendly, which will help you unwind and feel better both physically and mentally. After he is done with the massage, the pain you are feeling or the discomfort will be a lot less and your spirits will be lifted.

 So whenever you are looking for a massage service that will help you recover from an injury or reduce the muscle ache, you should turn to A Helping Hand. Dave is always ready and eager to help the locals and expects all your calls at (941) 380-8281!

Why You Should Get a Massage

Top Benefits of Getting a Therapeutic Massage


Your body is constantly exposed to stress and unwanted illnesses. A busy schedule prevents you from keeping a healthy lifestyle. Because of this, your body is prone to all kinds of health problems. If this keeps up, you’ll suffer long-term health problems, which include hypertension and diabetes. Getting a therapeutic massage after a long day at work can relax your body.


Your body must get the rest that it needs. Massage is known for its many health benefits. It is highly recommended for busy individuals. All you need is a one-hour massage session, and you’re good to go. Here are the top benefits that you get when you book a therapeutic massage:


  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety


Having a hectic schedule can take a toll on your body. Stress and anxiety can cause harmful effects on your body. It can aggravate health conditions and trigger intense allergic reactions. Massage is known to reduce stress and anxiety. It releases the body’s happy hormones, the endorphins. Endorphins help your body relax and get rid of anxiety.


  • Prevents Injury


Therapeutic massage uses a variety of stroking techniques to realign your body’s skeletal and muscular structure. It improves your body’s muscle flexibility and range of motion. This helps prevent unwanted injuries. Plus, it also shortens the recovery time in between workouts. This is the reason why massage is highly recommended for athletes.


  • Improves Health


Massage improves the body’s circulation. Proper circulation brings oxygen and nutrients to your body organs. It improves your organ’s function, and it gets rid of toxins inside your body.


A Helping Hand is a professional massage parlor based in Port Charlotte, FL. The spa offers a wide range of massage services that suit your needs. You can rely on us to give you rest and relaxation that you need. If you are looking for a reliable massage therapist in the local area, call (941) 380-8281 to book a session with us today!