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Benefits of Working with a Therapeutic Massage Therapist


Therapeutic massage is a general term for a massage that will relieve pain, reduce anxiety and tension, and work on a specific bodily problems like limited range of motion in your arm. A therapeutic massage therapist is well-versed in the massage techniques to improve your body’s condition.


Sports, deep tissue, neuromuscular, and myofascial massage are all types of therapeutic massages. The goal of this therapy is to relieve the client from chronic pain. The technique done will be based on the symptoms or pain that you feel. For example, if you have nagging shoulder pain, the therapy or the massage will be focused on releasing the tension and muscle spasm in that particular area of your body.


Working with a therapeutic massage therapist is great for those who are recovering from injury. This could be part of their physical therapy program. It is done to really help the muscles recover from injury or strain. Regular massages can improve muscle tone, remove toxins and metabolic waste, and increase the flexibility of the joints and muscles.


Anyone can benefit from a therapeutic massage. It doesn’t necessarily have to be only for those recovering from an injury. Regular massages after vigorous exercise is also a way for the muscle to recover from overwork. It can help prevent injuries. This type of massage also has the same benefits as regular massages, like inducing relaxation and releasing muscle tension. Massage therapy is beneficial for all types of general wellness programs.


When you need the services of a therapeutic massage therapist, call A Helping Hand. I am Dave Mowry, and I am an experienced and licensed massage therapist serving customers in the Port Charlotte, FL area. Since 1993, I have been providing my valued customers with my healing touch. For more information on my services or to make your appointments, please call (941) 380-8281.

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